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Renewable Energy Installations by Coastal Energy Kent

The dependence the globe has on fossil fuels means that the eventual depletion of resources is a scenario that is all-too real. Being able to identify sustainable types of renewable energy has, therefore, become of the utmost importance for this and future generations. At Coastal Energy in Dover, we understand the vital role renewable energy solutions play in the UK, and below you will find details on the various types of renewable energy currently available.

Solar energy

Probably the most common form of renewable energy, solar power has been used to harness the sun’s rays with solar panels, both on an industrial and a residential scale. Perfect for generating electricity and thermal heating, solar energy is effective and affordable.

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Hydro energy

The transit of water is also a common form of renewable energy, with the movement of running water through turbines such as a dam able to generate energy for widespread use. With water cycled through the turbines, the continued production of energy ensures that this is a popular and sustainable form of energy.


Wind farms have become a familiar sight across the UK, with these recognisable structures harnessing the power of the wind to generate electricity through the conversion of kinetic energy. Clean and sustainable, wind power represents one of the foremost types of renewable energy available.


In countries such as Iceland, geothermal energy represents a major contributor to its energy network. Using the heat given off from the Earth – often from steam or hot water – geothermal energy is renewable and efficient, with the replenishment of water used coming via regular rainfall. As such, it’s considered a renewable energy source and is a great means for harnessing the Earth’s natural resources in a way that is sustainable.

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