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As one of the most popular and versatile forms of renewable green energy, solar power and the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels provides the opportunity for homeowners and professional organisations to reduce the environmental impact of their energy use and take advantage of sustainable energy production. With Coastal Energy in Dover, Kent, you can invest in solar PV panels and take enjoy the benefits of this innovative, rewarding form of energy.

What are solar PV panels?

Solar photovoltaic panels are clearly identifiable panels constructed from semi-conducting material such as silicon. The panels, which are often installed to the roofs of homes and business premises, capture the rays of the sun and converts to usable energy and electricity. Solar energy installation, therefore, represents a cost-effective means of generating energy – whether heat or electricity – from a natural source.

What are the benefits of solar PV panels?

Installing solar PV panels at your home or business property offers a number of benefits. As such, more and more people throughout the UK are adopting solar energy as the perfect option. The benefits include:

– Reducing bills: Once you have installed your solar PV panels, your electricity costs will be reduced significantly, with sunlight a free resource

– Reducing environmental impact: More and more people and businesses are dedicated to reducing their environmental impact, either because of legislation or conscience. With solar panels, your renewable, clean energy production has next to no impact on the environment

– Earning from energy production: Should the solar panels you install return more energy than you require for your own needs, it’s possible to sell the surplus energy produced back to the electricity grid and earn money from your investment

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Coastal Energy Kent are professional electricians in Dover & Folkestone, and can help install solar PV panels to your property in a way that is efficient and cost-effective for your needs. Whether you’re in search of a slight reduction in your current energy costs, or wish to invest heavily in solar energy to ensure you limit your need for third-party energy supplies, we’ll be able to help determine the solar energy solution that is best for you. Simply get in touch with our electrical team today to find out more; complete and submit an online enquiry form and we’ll contact you to discuss your options. Alternatively call us in Dover on 01303 729729