LED lighting switchover to save on energy bills

Switch to LED Lighting to Save Money

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It would be easy to think that making savings on energy bills requires significant outlay on renewable energy solutions, but even moderate changes can add up to huge savings. One of the simplest and easiest means of making savings on your electricity charges is to address the lighting in your property. With Coastal Energy Kent (Electricians in Dover), you can ensure that the lighting in your home or business premises is as efficient and cost-effective as possible, limiting the amount you spend on simply illuminating your property.

Energy saving LED lights

With lighting accounting for nearly 20 percent of a household’s electricity bill, ensuring you’re using energy saving LED lights is essential. LED lights are solid state devices that support the flow of energy to emit a small amount of light; when a number of LEDs are put together, the cumulative effect is one of exceptional illumination. Unlike halogen lights and other alternatives, the associated cost of using LED lights is noticeable in its affordability. In fact, by replacing all halogen lighting in your home with LED bulbs, there is a potential saving of up to £30 per year to be made on your energy bills.

Of course, further savings on your electricity bills can be made by revising the use of lighting in your home. By following a few simple rules, you can cut the amount of energy wasted on lighting. Among the simplest ways to optimise the use of lighting in your property are:

– Switching off lights when leaving a room
– Sensible levels of lighting
– Using light sensors or timers to activate lighting only when required

Enquire about switching over to LED lights

To discover more about how switching over to LED lighting in your home, self build project or business property can help you make great savings on your energy bills, contact the experienced electrical team at Coastal Energy Kent today. By submitting an online enquiry form, you can discuss with a team of experts about how to get optimum performance and cost-effective use of energy in your home. We’ll work to provide the solutions best tailored for your individual needs, and help supply the equipment necessary to make great savings.