Electric and Hybrid Plugin Systems in Kent, Sussex & London

As more and more people look to reduce the level of impact they have on the environment, and as the costs for plugin hybrid and electric vehicles becomes more affordable, the need for electric car charging stations for the home is on the rise. Efficient, affordable, and with minimal impact in terms of CO2 emissions, the appeal of electric cars – plus the increasing number of makes and models on the market – is only set to grow, so ensuring your home is equipped with a suitable home charging station is essential to ensuring you get the most out of your vehicle.

Installing an electric car charging point for home or office

At Coastal Energy Kent (Electricians in Dover), we’re able to help find you the perfect solution for electric car charging at home. For many electric and plugin hybrid vehicles, achieving a full charge requires you to keep your vehicle connected to a suitable outlet for hours at a time. While quick charges can often be achieved in a shorter period, it’s essential to restore a full charge on a regular basis. And, though the number of charging point has increased significantly in recent years – including at petrol station forecourts and supermarkets – it’s often necessary, better value for money, and far simpler to charge your vehicle at home or at work. Of course, having a home charging station for your property demands safe and secure installation is a must, with a number of safety measures to be adhered to in order to ensure you are getting the best use of your unit. The team of electrical experts at Coastal Energy will be able to support you in the safe and practical installation of an electric car charging station for your home, thereby ensuring you can take advantage of the low emission, affordable running of a hybrid or electric car.

Enquire about an office or home charging station

To find out more about electric car charging station for your home or office, contact Coastal Energy in Dover today. Simply complete and submit an online enquiry form and we’ll be in touch to discuss the perfect solution for your vehicle and your home. We’ll work to assess the precise requirements you have, and ensure the quick and efficient installation of a home charging unit at a price that suits you.

Other green initiatives across Kent, Sussex & London

Alongside electric car charging points, Coastal Energy Kent also provide a number of other energy saving initiatives for domestic and commercial properties.  From LED lighting switchovers to solar panel installations and underfloor heating, here at Coastal Energy Kent we have a range of green energy initiatives to help you reduce your utility bills. Contact us on 01303 729729 to find out more.