Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems

For businesses, quality air conditioning and ventilation are essential requirements. It helps provide a working environment that’s comfortable, fresh and prevents the air from becoming stagnant. These are important factors in creating a comfortable and healthy working environment for your staff and is especially important if your customers or clients will be spending time at your establishment. Businesses that may need air conditioning and ventilation systems could include places which use a lot of machinery, offices, hotels and anywhere where health and safety could be affected if adequate ventilation systems are not in place.

Our Air Conditioning and Ventilation Services

At Coastal Energy Kent, we understand that a comfortable working environment isn’t just about adequate heating. It’s also vital that quality air conditioning and ventilation systems are installed. As part of our mechanical services for the commercial sector, we offer efficient and affordable solutions for any businesses looking to install cutting edge ventilation systems that meet all your criteria. Our services include:
  • Design
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  Our contractors are the experts in their field and are fully qualified and insured. They are able to advise on the best course of action, whatever service you require.

Getting in Touch

For further information on Air Conditioning services or to enquire about any of our other mechanical energy services for your business, contact Coastal Energy Kent on 01303 729729.  We are an energy company based in Dover, but cover the whole of the south east across Kent and Sussex.  So if you're a business anywhere from Brighton to Croydon, and from Dartford to Canterbury, we cover all the areas in between. Simply get in touch to learn more about how Coastal Energy Kent can help with your Air Conditioning needs today.  Our friendly team are ready to help.