Fire alarm installation in Folkestone

Covering the whole of Kent, Sussex & London areas

The devastation that can be caused by fire is often too much to consider, with the level of damage substantial regardless of whether an incident occurs at home or in the workplace. The demand for quality, reliable fire alarms, as well as effective emergency lighting, can make the difference between life and death. At Coastal Energy in Folkestone, we’re dedicated to supplying our domestic and commercial customers with the utmost in protection against such events. Through the supply and installation of only the best fire alarms and emergency lighting systems, we aim to offer a level of defence against any such occurrence, limiting the level of damage experienced should such an incident happen.

Domestic fire alarm installations

Keeping your home – and your family – protected against fire hazards is all-important for any homeowner. As such, it’s important to ensure your property features the very best and most reliable domestic fire alarms. We can supply a full array of fire alarm systems to cover any property, leaving you with the peace of mind knowing that, in the event of any incident, you will be fully alerted and have the requisite time to evacuate the home. Thanks to our full accreditation from leading industry regulators, you can be confident that any work conducted by Coastal Energy meets the standards you deserve for protection from domestic fires. Learn more about the other domestic electrical services we also provide to homeowners.

Fire alarms within rental properties

If you’re renting out accommodation to private tenants, you should be aware that you are required by law to install fully working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. New legislation – passed in March 2015 and which comes into effect in October 2015 – means that full responsibility for working fire alarms rests on the shoulders of the landlord and not the tenant. With Coastal Energy in in Folkestone, you can relax knowing that only the very best fire alarm systems will be installed in your home, providing your tenants with the defence they need, and you free from any liability.  So if you are a property landlord in the Folkestone or surrounding areas, then give us a call and we can check and see if your property is up to date.

Industrial and commercial fire alarms

When it comes to commercial property and industrial workplaces, the need for reliable fire alarms is essential. Furthermore, should the place of work be one in which smoke may be commonplace – such as a kitchen or warehouse – having access to the most sophisticated devices available is fundamental. Here at Coastal Energy in Folkestone, we work hard to ensure that any fire alarm system we install in commercial property adheres to the very highest standards, leaving you to be confident that your place of business and the staff and customers within are fully protected in the event of an emergency. From risk assessments to ongoing maintenance, we have the electrical expertise to guarantee that, should a fire start within your property, you will be alerted to it at the earliest time. Click here to find out more on other Industrial or Commercial electrical services we offer.

Emergency lighting installation

In addition to the installation and maintenance of high-quality fire alarm systems, Coastal Energy can provide you with the emergency lighting necessary in the event of an emergency. Such an installation requires lighting to help the transport of people from within a building to a safe area, clearly illuminating exit points and routes to follow. We can help design and fit any emergency lighting your premises require, regardless of size and budget. In fact, we work hard to ensure only the very best product is installed, providing you with the peace of mind necessary to go about your working day free from any worries about safety in an emergency.

Contact our electrical team in Folkestone today

To find out more about how Coastal Energy can support you in the fire safety and emergency lighting requirements in your home, get in touch with our Folkestone-based team today. We’ll be delighted to provide a thorough appraisal of your requirements and help identify any needs you have. In addition, we will work to provide a competitively priced quotation for your fire alarm and emergency lighting needs. Simply call us today on 01303 729729 or submit an online enquiry form.