Fireproofing and containment in Kent and Sussex

Adding fireproofing to your commercial or domestic property is a key part of helping to slow the spread of fire. With the correct containment measures in place, small fires can be prevented from getting out of control, limiting the damage to a building and even saving lives. Properly fitted fire doors and seals can also reduce the amount of smoke damage to a property by stopping smoke from cooling and sinking.

Fire doors

An incorrectly fitted fire door can dramatically reduce the time a fire is contained for, which is why compliance with the manufacturer’s fixing instructions is essential. Whether your property has standard fit doors or needs bespoke fire doors, Coastal Energy can supply a range of entrance doors and loft hatches that are designed for fire containment. We can also carry out regular inspections to ensure existing doors will perform as required in the event of a fire.

Fire seals

It’s easy to overlook gaps around doors, windows and pipework when fireproofing a building, but these can help mitigate the escape of smoke and the spread of fire. Coastal Energy can supply and fit a range of fire seals for doors and provide industry standard sealing around window frames and electrical cables where they enter the wall, to deliver enhanced containment should a fire occur.

Electrical cupboards

Electrical cupboards in communal areas can pose a risk if they’re not constructed from fire resistant materials that meet the required standards from containment. Closets holding fuse boards and meters should be protected such that if a fire were to start it would take 30 minutes to burn through the closed door. At Coastal Energy, we can assess the safety of electrical cupboards in communal spaces and, if necessary, carry out work to ensure any outbreak of fire within the cupboard remains contained for the necessary time.

Fire containment from Coastal Energy

Coastal Energy can ensure that all fireproofing and containment measures in your building meet the required safety standards, and provide additional protection where needed. Our experienced electrical professionals will confirm that your doors, seals and electrical cupboards are compliant and that your employees or residents are safe, should a fire start. To make an enquiry or request a visit from one of our fire specialists in Kent and Sussex, contact us today on 01303 729729. We’ll assess your current systems and advise on any further steps that could help to prevent the spread of fire.