Fire risk assessments in Kent and Sussex

Since 2005, companies have been required to carry out regular fire risk assessments to ensure that any employees, subcontractors and clients on the premises are protected as far as possible in the event of a fire. Organisations also have a responsibility towards people who may be around the premises, such as neighbours, who could be affected by a fire.

Things to consider

As part of a risk assessment, the nominated person responsible for fire safety must identify any fire hazards and people who may be at risk, work to reduce or remove risks and record details of the assessment. An emergency plan must be formulated as part of a risk assessment, which considers:

  • Emergency routes, exits and lighting
  • Fire detection and warning systems
  • Type, placement and functionality of fire fighting equipment

The needs of vulnerable people should also be taken into account when you are assessing fire risks – in other words, is there an adequate evacuation plan for elderly or disabled employees? If children are on site, their needs are also required to be met.

Information and training

The responsible person should also provide regular and up to date information to employees and others on the premises, as well as carry out training. This includes initial training upon induction and full fire drills at set intervals. Training can be carried out either in house, or by an experienced professional, and records should be kept of when the training occurred.

Professional risk assessment in Kent and Sussex

Coastal Energy can undertake fire risk assessments on behalf of businesses in Kent and Sussex. We’ll ensure your company complies with the latest regulations and that your emergency plan includes all the relevant information on reporting a fire, evacuation, fire fighting equipment and emergency routes. The guidance for fire risk assessments changes depending on the size and nature of your business – offices, for example, have differing requirements in their assessments to factories or warehouses. Our experts will ensure the correct guidance is followed so that your risk assessment is accurate and comprehensive. To enquire about a fire risk assessment in Kent and Sussex, or to find out more about our fire prevention services, contact Coastal Energy on 01303 729729 today.