Provision of fire extinguishers

Commercial and residential properties are required by law to have sufficient equipment in place to fight fires. As such, there are thought to be several million fire extinguishers in premises across the UK. Simply having fire extinguishers present, however, is not enough; they must be maintained in order to remain effective against fires.

Types of extinguisher

There are a number of different fire extinguishers, each of which is colour coded to identify its contents. Different contents are suitable for fighting different types of fire, so it’s essential that your building not only contains fire extinguishers, but that they are also suitable for the types of fire that may occur. This is particularly relevant if the use of your building has changed since the extinguishers were installed. A fire extinguisher may contain foam, water, wet chemical, powder or carbon dioxide – one containing foam, for example, may not be effective against a fire where a deep fat fryer has caught light, while a water mist or wet chemical one will.

Supply and maintenance of fire extinguishers

Coastal Energy can ensure that your building has the correct type of fire extinguishers in place to effectively fight fires, and can supply new ones where necessary. All the extinguishers we provide are manufactured to meet the exacting standards required for BS EN3 approval and will be professionally fitted in places that comply with the relevant guidelines. We can also carry out annual servicing in accordance with the British Standard BS5306 regulation, which recommends yearly maintenance of fire extinguishers. By investing in regular servicing from our specialists, you can ensure that your fire extinguishers attain their maximum longevity. In addition, we’ll provide advice and assistance if you have queries about your equipment. If your extinguishers have been used, we can recharge them according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Choosing Coastal Energy

Choosing Coastal Energy for fire extinguisher installations and maintenance on your premises means you’re getting a competent and professional service that will ensure the safety of your employees or residents, should they need to use fire equipment. We pride ourselves on delivering equipment that meets the necessary safety standards, and on providing a reliable service that you can trust. To make an enquiry or request a visit from one of our fire specialists, contact us today on 01303 729729. We’ll be happy to check and service your existing fire extinguishers, or supply and install new ones where needed.