Fire alarm installations and emergency lighting in Kent and Sussex

Fire is among the most significant threats posed to a building. With some 100,000 property fires occurring each year, the importance of fire safety is paramount. Even basic installations such as functional fire alarms and up to date emergency lighting can make a meaningful difference if a fire should start, potentially saving lives and minimising financial losses.

Fire alarm installation

As a premier provider of fire alarms in Kent and Sussex, Coastal Energy helps to reduce the fire risks to both commercial and domestic properties. Whether you need an entirely new alarm system or an update to your existing one, our professional team can ensure the necessary standards are met. We’ll integrate your fire alarm system with the relevant security systems to provide a comprehensive safety network for your property.

Emergency lighting

In an emergency, it’s crucial that employees or residents of larger buildings can find their way to an exit point. Even those who are familiar with a building’s layout can become confused or panicked, which is why an efficient lighting system that comes on quickly is essential. Designed to afford your employees or residents safe passage through the premises in the event of a fire, our emergency lighting provides a clear route to fire escapes and gets people to safety quickly. It also enables unobstructed access to fire alarm call points and equipment such as fire extinguishers. At Coastal Energy, our specialists can design and fit emergency lighting for buildings across Kent and Sussex, ensuring that your property complies with the appropriate regulations. We can provide wall and ceiling lighting, exit signage and control boxes, as well as perform regular tests on your existing lighting to ensure it meets the required safety standards.

Choosing Coastal Energy for your fire safety needs

By choosing Coastal Energy for fire alarm installations and emergency lighting in your premises, you’re trusting experts to ensure that the safety of your building and its workers or residents comes first. We pride ourselves on delivering an excellent service, from designing and fitting the necessary systems to maintenance and updates, so you can rest assured your premises is meeting the strict British Safety standards for emergency lighting and fire alarm functionality. To make an enquiry or request a visit from one of our professional electricians or engineers, contact us on 01303 729729. We’ll be happy to assess your current systems and make changes or new installations where necessary.