Underfloor Heating installation for commercial and domestic properties

Underfloor Heating Installations in Kent, Sussex and London

Cost Effective Underfloor Heating for Commercial and Domestic Properties

Heating your home or business premises is essential to the comfort of your property, but it can also prove expensive and lead to high energy use and bills. Being able to identify a cost-effective means of heating a property, therefore, is key, with underfloor heating one of the best-performing options available. With Coastal Energy Kent (Dover Electricians) you can find out more about the types of underfloor heating systems currently available and identify the best option for heating your property.

Benefits of underfloor heating

Underfloor heating is a versatile and affordable means of heating a home, meaning that, regardless of the type of property in which you live, you will doubtless be able to find the best choice and secure the best value underfloor heating. What’s more, there is a host of benefits available when you select this form of heating for your home. Among the many advantages of electric underfloor heating are:

Low running costs: Operating at a lower temperature than regular wall-mounted radiators, installing underfloor heating can provide great savings on your heating bills. Such an energy efficient form of heating will thus provide an invaluable addition to your property

Increased comfort: Thanks to underfloor heating, you no longer have to endure cold floors during the winter months. With temperature control ensuring that the feel underfoot is warm and comfortable, the climate of a given room will be heated evenly and effectively, regardless of whether your home is carpeted, tiled, has wooden flooring, or features a laminated finish

Health benefits: Aside from the even distribution of heat throughout a room ensuring that you won’t have cold spots, underfloor heating reduces the air circulation associated with standard heating systems. The inevitable distribution of dust and allergens is therefore mitigated, improving the quality of air being breathed throughout a property

Enquire about Underfloor Heating Installations

For more details on how the addition of underfloor heating to your home, self build project or business property can help limit your heating bills and improve the quality of your surroundings, get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable electrical team at Coastal Energy in Kent today. We’ll be happy to discuss the underfloor heating options available to you, and will help you decide on the most cost-effective heating system for your property. Simply complete an online enquiry form today for more details or contact us on 01303 729729.